We Live For Passion

At Topkraft Culinary Academy, our reputation is built on our ability to provide the highest quality of culinary education that meets global standards.

Our Vision

To put Nigeria in the forefront of culinary education globally.

Our Story

Topkraft Culinary Academy is not only the most prestigious culinary school in Nigeria, we are one of the top centres in the country that offer international standard, yet affordable culinary education.

Established in 2014, we have produced food leaders in Nigeria, through our well-balanced curriculum embedded with academic, social, entrepreneurial and professional skills.

As we believe in passion and excellence, our mission is "to nurture and equip our students with exceptional culinary skills that will help them to build a successful career in the global Food Industry".

By teaching both classic and modern culinary methods, our Students learn to:
1. Create a balance between academic and experiental learning in the classroom and the global hospitality classroom.
2. Prepare hundred of dishes around the world and serve them in the most unique style.
3. Operate and manage fine dining restaurants and bakeshops.
4. Develop human relations and interpersonal communication skills.
5. Make sound decision-making through critical thinking and analytical skills rooted in reflective thought that will build strong leadership and success.


1. Curriculum: We have the best curriculum in Nigeria.

2. Values: We believe in Excellence, Passion, Discipline, Professional Ethics and Creativity.

3. Affordability and Wide Range Options: We are one of the cheapest culinary schools in Nigeria. No matter your needs and budget, there is a course for you.

4. Environment: We provide a great and comfortable learning environment while giving individual attention to each of our students.

5. Community: We create memories and opportunity for networking with other professionals.

6. Faculty: Our Chef Instructors are professionally trained to always give their best.


2024 Start Dates

Professional Courses
8th January
26th February
22nd April
10th June
5th August

23rd September

4th November

Enthusiast Courses
8th January
12th February
18th March
6th May
24th June
29th July
2nd September
7th October
11th November





General Manager/Head Chef

Oyeyemi Margret


Head, Student Affairs

Ogunbanjo A.A


Public Relation Officer

Jane A.A


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Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm
10am – 4pm

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Our School is located at:
1, Nembe Road, Adjacent Chemzho Supermarket,
Off Gado Nasko Road, Phase 4, Kubwa, Abuja Nigeria